Chandra Krama: The Moon Sequence

Chandra Krama is a sequence invented by Matthew Sweeney, an Ashtanga Yoga master who lives in Australia. He claims that he does not even remember inventing it in the first place; the basic sequence sprang to mind in the form a lucid and spontaneous vision. He also comments that out of all the sequences which are credited to him, Chandra Krama is both his most popular and accessible. He tends to feel that the basic Ashtanga primary series, for all its benefits, seems to be lacking due to it emphasis on cultivating our wakeful energy. He expresses a need for Ashtangis to add a practice which acknowledges our more restful, intuitive, and to large extent, creative leanings.

First Pose: Virasana
First Pose: Virasana

I am presenting the postures of Chandra Namaskrara – a salutation to the moon. Chandra Krama incorporates 7 rounds on Chandra Namaskrara. On the eighth round, certain postures downward dog and camel posture are given additional breaths to settle into. Interestingly, table top posture (marjarasana) transforms into an opportunity to exercise the dynamic cat-cow.

Third Pose: Marjarasana
Fourth Pose: Marjarasana

In broad terms Chandra Krama is distinct from primary sequence because it extensively leads with the left side. Also, transitions between sides require a unique backwards flowing vinyasa sequence. As a final note, the majority of the sequence is carried out one’s hands and knees, there are no inversions, no upward dog, not uttanasana (forward fold from standing) and no samasthiti (mountain pose – standing).

Ninth Pose: Ustrasana
Ninth Pose: Ustrasana (camel posture)

I look forward to teaching this practice to you on 8-30-15, 12:30 PM, at YVT, as well as in the future. Happy Moon Day!


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