Dance of the winds

There are four basic directions of movement in samastitihi.  One can fold backwards, downwards, or extend from one side to the other.  This reflects a confluence of two pivots.  By analogy, the interplay between our personal and professional development is similar.  Ensuring the non-entanglement of these two sets of responsibilities takes daily effort.  Today, I taught my last yoga class of the spring season at Yoga Vermont; I will not be formally instructing classes during the summer.

Although ‘this’ dance of winds has impacted my choices, I assure you that my career as a yoga instructor is by no means over.  I will remain a regular blogger, daily practitioner, as well as a guide to the travelers who walk the yoga path.  In the words of my music idol Zach Deputy, “Because when I leaving it’s never ever forever, forever I’ll be here with you my friend.”  I look forward to staying in touch and I wish all my students and readership a bright and accomplished summer.

The four expressions of Matthew Sweeney’s ‘Dance of Winds’


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