Swing time

The US Rowing describes ‘swing’ as “The hard-to-define feeling when near-perfect synchronization of motion occurs in the shell, enhancing the performance and speed.” Prior to my Ashtangi days, I participated on my school’s intercollegiate crew team.  After drills and training, I would also regularly practice vinyasa in order to bounce back after rigorous exercise while increasing my range of motion.  I commonly reflect on the subtle aspects of rowing, because there are great self-exploration lessons here too.

From my point of view, swing is rare and enigmatic largely because it occurs only under very special circumstances.  And like a wonderful dream it can be lost in an instant.  For comparison sake, a similar sensation called kundalini shakti expresses these two special characteristics; generally it can be felt when breath, energy locks and physical forces are applied in harmony.  Speaking on both phenomina, when the winds of change have united, like a vortex, these begin to accelerate the practitioner forward.


How do you feel kundalini shakti? 

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