The Zen of Composting

This season I am making a major improvement to my gardening hobby.  Over the past month I have been putting together a compost box in order to turn over yesterdays waste into tomorrow’s food.  Much can be said for the challenge of construction and gardening.  Both, become labors of love when we strive for creating something that is “beyond better.”  This idea reminds me about Ashtanga Vinyasa’s the opening chant opening chant in which the same words, “Nih Sreyase” were chosen to guide the spirit each day’s yoga journey.  Furthermore, in Zen and yoga traditions alike, participants are very keen on dedicating their work towards our “teachers, families, nations and all life…”  In the words of a special meal prays owing to Zen tradition, the message concludes, “Let us equally share.”

I feel that striving for something greater is best managed through selfless service.  In essence, composting helps me restore nutrients into the soil, vitality through expanded diet, and through it, many others whom I interact with will undoubtedly benefit too. Interconnectedness of all life is the big Zen theme I’ve been exploring as I reflected on the work I’ve done.  And truthfully, I cannot really talk about my own work without acknowledging the help of others along the way.  My father in particularly brought my design to life while my mother provided us the invaluable service of home style cooking, allowing us continue working throughout the mornings and afternoons.  It’s really the work of many hands, including those harvested the wood, fashioned our tools, and generated the electricity, which we’ve now finished using for benefit of our immediate garden.  I look forward to sharing these benefits with everyone who enjoys homegrown food.


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