Breakfast Asanas

When my morning alarm rings at 5:45, I reluctantly rise from my slumbers.  It’s never easy, nor is it overtly challenging.  It’s just a routine I’ve become accustomed to.  Likewise my yoga practice can also be become a routine, one which starts and ends at a predetermined time of the day.  Although my crazy schedule precludes me to practice when my flexibility is at its peak, I rediscovered 6 AM to be an ideal time to roll out my mat.

After practing daily before breakfast for 5 weeks, I’ve developed extra insight on the coveted home practice.  Specifically, it’s really important to me that I embrace whatever sugars out.  And in a strange way, its irregularities will allow for greater self acceptance.  I don’t quite feel like I lose postures in the morning so much as that I rediscover what I’ve got.


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