Dark ages explained

With the winter solstice on the horizon and the new moon in the rearview, I caught myself reflecting the role which light and shadow play in my own life.  Darkness can have a profoundly intimate effect on our nocturnal cycles.  In the very center the brain, the pineal gland is acutely responsive to our innate biological clock, secreting melatonin, a neurotransmitter influencing circadian rhythms.  In turn, a cascade of subdued sensations orchestrated from our emotive faculties outward initiates, influencing our feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Our entire conscious experience eventually is absorbed in the subdued ebb and flow of moments passing.  This is the season to foster gentle intimacy in all we do, including our yoga.  Tomorrow, I plan on teaching the moon sequence in order to align myself with these darker days and nights.  I hope you will join me.



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