Yogic Principles Towards Success

There are many ways in which people interpret success. I tend to believe that how you feel after your practice is the greatest testament to success which I’ve come across. But, if you are anything like me you’ve often wondered, “Why do some people find great success in yoga while others lose interest?” I’ve discovered a nice answer to this question within the pages of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Written over 500 years ago and drawing from centuries of observations, its author Svatmarama lists 6 core principles. These are:


I’ve found a place for each as I work through the challenges in my own routines. I would like to comment on each, yet I have discovered a whimsical little video in which authorized Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher David Garrigues presents the finer points quite nicely.

I’ve discovered that a success yoga practice is not so different from a success while practices most other disciplines.  You have to reach for your goal with extended fingertips.  I also take comfort in knowing that there is really no such thing as failure in yoga.  Or perhaps if failure does exist, it’s akin to the transient physical phenomena of losing one’s balance.  If you practice yoga you will fall down from time to time, guaranteed.  What matters more is how we attend towards our practice especially during these precarious moments.

Me reaching for kapotasana A

I look forward to teaching a little bit of Intermediate Series taken at your own pace during my next yoga class. Namaste!


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