What does it mean to have good lines in one’s posture? Isaac Newton famous asserted that for every force there exists an equal and opposite reacting force. The most tangible of these forces is the normal force, which pushes against us as we resist gravity’s downward pull. When I practice yoga, I find myself to be the final arbiter between many forces.  Great postures showcase how forces can oppose one another gracefully.


While practicing, my goal is to exert just enough effort to make antiquate space for movement. The maxim, “Everything in moderation,” seems even more tangible to me on the mat. Excessive exertion saps one’s stamina while total softness can oftentimes be void of strength. I tend to think, “That’s where having good lines or pivots in posture really comes into play!” After all, every line or pivot I create seeks to reconcile an opposing force.


When the lines of one’s practice are taunt, effort can be managed and redirected with ease and control. In this way, my personal practice resembles a conduit, in which a dialog between opposite forces achieves harmony.

This weekend, in anticipation for the full moon and possible lunar eclipse, I look forward to teaching Chandra Krama.


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