Departing on my daily practice

A fellow practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa once asked me how to approach yoga in order to achieve a state of effortlessness.  To answer her question, I approach each posture without paying mind to future series, postures, or even breaths.  Yoga is kind of like a path we walk upon one step at a time.  The experience reminds each of us that the landmarks we envision for ourselves along the yogi’s journey exist merely to guide our own personal transformation.  In this way, yoga redirects our awareness away from goal-oriented modalities and towards an appreciation of our essential being.  This insight may seem strange to a few readers, after all, Ashtanga Vinyasa is oftentimes considered to be a physically challenging obstacle course of sorts, laden with goals requiring an

Mt. Jungfrau overlooking Bachsee pond
Swiss Alps overlooking Bachsee pond

exorbitant quantity of effort to traverse.  Luckily, these sorts of impressions turn out to be transient.  With daily practice, intense concentration gives way to a state of meditative calm.  I continually discover this paradoxical calm allows my own practice to become increasingly effortlessness, even when the going gets tough.  In Ashtanga circles, meditative calm oftentimes goes by the Sanskrit name dhyana.  I dedicate this new blog towards helping practitioners explore yoga while mindfully cultivating dhyana.


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